Suspended Soaps

Samantha Story-Camp (aka Sami, Goddess of Soap at Pip & Lola’s) was browsing through Facebook one day and came across a story about a Suspended Coffee program at cafés in Europe and Australia. In the Suspended Coffee programs customers can pre-pay for a cup of coffee and “suspend” it so that if someone in need comes in then they can get that cup of coffee at no cost to them.  She absolutely loved that idea and wanted to figure out a way for Pip & Lola’s to be able to do something like it. “Would something like this work for soap?” she wondered. She had read recently that one of the hardest things about homelessness is the inability to get clean. That inability can be very demoralizing. Could the gift of a bar of soap make a difference to someone in need?

Now in its fifth year (two years in Tacoma, WA and now in Pittsburgh, PA), Pip & Lola’s Suspended Soap program has been able to gift over 250 bars. It is a pretty simple thing. All a person in need has to do is ask if there are any "suspended" soaps. If there are any available, they will be gifted - no questions asked. Customers can purchase a soap either in person at the shop (134 E. 8th Avenue, Homestead PA 15120) or on-line and Pip & Lola’s will then match it with a second bar and put them on the Suspended Soap Shelf to wait for a person in need. Once few have been accumulated, they will be passed along to the various organizations – making sure there are some on the shelf in case someone comes in for one.

Suspend a Soap

Contribute a bar of soap to our Suspended Soap program and we will match it and donate it to a local charity (or if someone comes in off the street and just plain needs one).

In recent years we have donated to a variety of food pantries, the Western PA Domestic Violence Shelter, Samaria Project, and more