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Ol' Salty Salt Bar Soap (unscented hand and body bar) - Discontinued

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This listing is for ONE (or three) 4 oz handmade unscented, uncolored sea salt hand and body soap bar.


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Additional Info

This listing is for one 4 oz. handmade unscented Salt Bar soap. 

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Ingredient List:

* Coconut Oil
* Rice Bran Oil
* Olive Oil
* Water
* Shea Butter
* Coconut Milk
* Sea Salt
* Sodium Hydroxide

Salt in a facial bar??? What are we smoking?

I too was skeptical of putting salt in a soap bar but now that I have done it, I am HOOKED. This long-lasting, hard soap bar is great for people with normal skin. It might work great for others too but I leave that to your sense of daring. Completely unscented except for the scents nature provided.

Pure. Simple. Cleansing.

I began making handmade soap as an alternative to the beauty/bath bars on the market. Those bars are actually detergent based & strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dull, dry & itchy. 

The soap making recipe consists of water, lye and oils. Combined together the chemical process is called saponification; a hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and fatty acid reaction. Final product has no lye and is super-fatted with skin nourishing oils. The by-product of this process is glycerin. Glycerin behaves as a natural humectant - it draws moisture from the air into your skin. The vast majority of commercial soap makers extract this beneficial ingredient.

Each bar is blended by hand and made with top shelf vegetable-based oils for an eco-friendly product, safe for the whole family. Just keep them away from young eyes. These soaps are NOT tear-free.

I include a sample size soap free with every order. If you have a preference as to which sample soap you receive, please tell me. If there is no preference given or if I am out of a preferred soap, you will receive whichever is closest of a variety differing from what was ordered.