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How to care for your pip & Lola's Soapy Goodness


Remember, all of the soaps made at Pip & Lola’s contain no drying agents. This means (in addition to not drying your skin) they will be reduced to a mass of goo if they are left sitting in water.

Be sure to store your soap on a tray or to set it on its side to allow it to dry between uses.

If using your Pip & Lola’s soap in the shower/tub area, please try not to keep them on a shelf or rack directly below the showerhead. One of those slotted shower racks works amazingly well.

The rule of thumb is “the older the soap the better.” We allow all of our soaps to cure for 4-6 weeks before putting them up for sale. If you allow them to dry, they will continue to harden and will last an extended period when you do use them.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about your soaps, other purchases, or the world at large.